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The Speech of Polly Baker Response. Baker explains how she has cared for her children well, despite of not having a husband s help. Just send your request for getting no plagiarism essay. Below is an essay on Speech Of Polly Baker from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The speech of polly baker essay help

All that is certain is that the earliest printing of the piece yet discovered was in a London newspaper, the General Advertiser, of April 15, Within a week five London papers reprinted it, and by the end of the month it had appeared in a number of provincial papers.

The English magazines and papers reached America in midsummer. From time to time American newspapers revived the Speech. Raynal apparently had no suspicion that Polly Baker was not a real person or her case not authentic. How Franklin confessed his authorship Mazzei revealed in Finally they came to speak of the tale of Polly Baker.

When I was young and printed a newspaper, it sometimes happened, when I was short of material to fill my sheet, that I amused myself by making up stories, and that of Polly Baker is one of the number. Raynal and other French philosophes used her, as they used the Good Quaker and the Noble Savage, as yet another weapon in the arsenal of revolution and reform.

Which influenced the Court to dispense with her Punishment, and induced one of her Judges to marry her the next Day. May it please the Honourable Bench to indulge me in a few Words: I am a poor unhappy Woman, who have no Money to fee Lawyers to plead for me, being hard put to it to get a tolerable Living.

I shall not trouble your Honours with long Speeches; for I have not the Presumption to expect, that you may, by any Means, be prevailed on to deviate in your Sentence from the Law, in my Favour.

Abstracted from the Law, I cannot conceive may it please your Honours what the Nature of my Offence is. I own it, I should think it a Praise-worthy, rather than a punishable Action.

But, can ever this be a Fault of mine? I appeal to your Honours. I defy any Person to say, I ever refused an Offer of that Sort: If mine, then, is a religious Offence, leave it to religious Punishments.

You have already excluded me from the Comforts of your Church-Communion. Is not that sufficient? You believe I have offended Heaven, and must suffer eternal Fire: Will not that be sufficient? What Need is there, then, of your additional Fines and Whipping?

I own, I do not think as you do; for, if I thought what you call a Sin, was really such, I could not presumptuously commit it. Forgive me, Gentlemen, if I talk a little extravagantly on these Matters; I am no Divine, but if you, Gentlemen, must be making Laws, do not turn natural and useful Actions into Crimes, by your Prohibitions.

But take into your wise Consideration, the great and growing Number of Batchelors in the Country, many of whom from the mean Fear of the Expences of a Family, have never sincerely and honourably courted a Woman in their Lives; and by their Manner of Living, leave unproduced which is little better than Murder Hundreds of their Posterity to the Thousandth Generation.

Is not this a greater Offence against the Publick Good, than mine? A Duty, from the steady Performance of which, nothing has been able to deter me; but for its Sake, I have hazarded the Loss of the Publick Esteem, and have frequently endured Publick Disgrace and Punishment; and therefore ought, in my humble Opinion, instead of a Whipping, to have a Statue erected to my Memory.

Hall also generously provided additional data to the editors and revised this note in the light of his special knowledge. To the title of the Speech in its April issue, this magazine added that Polly bore 15 more children by the judge she married the day after her trial. This set off a curious correspondence.The speech of miss polly baker essay (homework help clock) The speech of miss polly baker essay (homework help clock) by / Friday, 07 September / Published in Uncategorized.

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Kahulugan ng pagmamahal essay help important characteristics of a leader essays bonnie blue flag song analysis essay laura tingle quarterly essays keith flett chartism essay. Significance: At the beginning, the plea from Miss Polly Baker in response to being accused of giving birth to another bastard child, her fifth, starts out relatively humbly.

She asks the Jury to hear her out and says she won't take up much of their time. November 21, The speech of polly baker essay writer. Double spaced essay between paragraphs to edit foundation level irish junior cert essays lol movie analysis essay pagtulong sa kapwa essay about myself reconciling with nature essay doctor medicine paper research.

Referencing artwork in an essay flowers descriptive essay writing. One of Franklin’s essays, “The Speech of Miss Polly Baker,” effectively accomplishes this idea of expressing a strong opinion towards a social issue, in this case about a .

John Adams, writing to James Warren on April 13, , listed Polly Baker’s Speech as one of Franklin’s many “Outrages to Morality and Decorum.”4 The Abbé Morellet recorded the episode of Franklin and Raynal in his Ana, a systematized commonplace book now in the British Museum.

the speech of polly baker essay help
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