The human experimentation and cruelty by the nazi germany

German soldiers react to footage of concentration camps, Force confrontation: German soldiers react to footage of concentration camps, The image shows the faces of German prisoners of war, captured by Americans, watching a film about a concentration camp.

The human experimentation and cruelty by the nazi germany

High altitude InSigmund Rascher and others conducted high-altitude experiments on prisoners at Dachau. Eager to find out how best to save German pilots forced to eject at high altitude, they placed inmates into low-pressure chambers that simulated altitudes as high as 68, feet and monitored their physiological response as they succumbed and died.

Rascher was said to dissect victims' brains while they were still alive to show that high-altitude sickness resulted from the formation of tiny air bubbles in the blood vessels of a certain part of the brain.

Of people subjected to these experiments, 80 died outright and the remainder were executed. Freezing To determine the most effective means for treating German pilots who had become severely chilled from ejecting into the ocean, or German soldiers who suffered extreme exposure on the Russian front, Rascher and others conducted freezing experiments at Dachau.

For up to five hours at a time, they placed victims into vats of icy water, either in aviator suits or naked; they took others outside in the freezing cold and strapped them down naked. As the victims writhed in pain, foamed at the mouth, and lost consciousness, the doctors measured changes in the patients' heart rate, body temperature, muscle reflexes, and other factors.

When a prisoner's internal body temperature fell to Some 80 to patients perished during these experiments. Nazi doctors sliced open the leg of Ravensbruck survivor Jadwiga Dzido shown here and deliberately infected the wound with bacteria, dirt, and glass slivers to simulate a battlefield injury.

They then treated the wound with sulfanilamide drugs. Sulfanilamide For the benefit of the German Army, whose frontline soldiers suffered greatly from gas gangrene, a type of progressive gangrene, doctors at the Ravensbruck concentration camp performed studies to test the effectiveness of sulfanilamide and other drugs in curbing such infections.

They inflicted battlefield-like wounds in victims, then infected the wounds with bacteria such as streptococcus, tetanus, and gas gangrene.

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The doctors aggravated the resulting infection by rubbing ground glass and wood shavings into the wound, and they tied off blood vessels on either side of the injury to simulate what would happen to an actual war wound. Victims suffered intense agony and serious injury, and some of them died as a result.

The human experimentation and cruelty by the nazi germany

Twins In an effort to find ways to more effectively multiply the German race, Dr. Josef Mengele performed experiments on twins at Auschwitz in hopes of plumbing the secrets of multiple births.

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After taking all the body measurements and other living data he could from selected twins, Mengele and his collaborators dispatched them with a single injection of chloroform to the heart.

Of about 1, pairs of twins experimented upon, only about pairs survived. Six weeks after Americans liberated Buchenwald in Aprila guide shows an American soldier human organs the Nazis removed from prisoners.

Poison Researchers at Buchenwald concentration camp developed a method of individual execution by injecting Russian prisoners with phenol and cyanide. Experimenters also tested various poisons on the human body by secreting noxious chemicals in prisoners' food or shooting inmates with poison bullets.According to an article published in Kaltio, one of the main Finnish cultural magazines, Nazi Germany was the first state in the world to place the wolf under protection.

Medical Experiments of the Holocaust and Nazi Medicine The experiments were conducted on men to simulate the conditions the armies suffered on the Eastern Front.
Medical Experiments of the Holocaust Resources It led to the sterilization of more thanGermans and to a great interest on the part of German physicians in sterilization.
Background & Overview of Nazi Medical Experiments Prisoners were coerced into participating: Typically, the experiments resulted in death, disfigurement or permanent disability.

Nazi Germany "introduced the first legislation for the protection of wolves." In , Nazi Germany hosted an international conference on animal welfare in Berlin.

Eugenicists believed the human race could be improved by controlled breeding. Still, no nation carried sterilization as far as Hitler's Germany. The forced sterilizations began in January , and altogether an estimated , to , people were sterilized under the law. Nazi human experimentation was a series of medical experiments on large numbers of prisoners, including children, by Nazi Germany in its concentration camps in the early to mid s, during World War II and the Holocaust.

Scientific Murder: Human Experimentation in Nazi Germany The Nazi's were infamous for their cruel and unusual experiments on humans. Although they played a small part of Nazi Germany's attempt at racial hygiene, these experiments desecrated and exterminated thousands of humans (Lifton ).

Nazi Germany had the strictest laws in Europe for the protection of animal rights. WORLD FUTURE FUND Cruelty to Animals #1 (1) It is forbidden to unnecessarily torment or roughly mishandle an animal. Experiments on Living Animals #5. Feb 07,  · ''The Nazis regarded Auschwitz as the ideal place for experimentation, for the creation of supermen, and Josef Mengele was the symbol of Nazi cruelty .

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