Stallard scientific editing services

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Stallard scientific editing services

Write Science Right www. Authors who submitted their manuscripts after If authors require a hardcopy of the journal issue having their research articles then authors may also purchase hardcopies of the journal issue or subscribe to the journal by contacting the publisher.

Open access publication of articles will be allowed after receiving a full payment. Highest priority will be given to the communications reporting important new scientific and technological findings.

Rapid publication is provided for concise and up-to-date reports.

These articles should not exceed three-four published pages. No section headings should be used for these short communications. Full length papers that report original research work on new ideas in the fields of biomedical nanotechnology.

The state-of-the-art review articles with author's short biography and photo will be published. Reviews are limited to a maximum length of 30 journal pages.

It is author's responsibility to obtain written copyright permissions to reproduce any copyright materials from other sources. All manuscripts must be in English, typed double-spaced on one side of the page throughout including footnotes, references, tables, legends on 8.

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The first page of the manuscript should have a concise title limited to about 15 words and the names of all authors, complete mailing address for correspondence, telephone, fax numbers and email address. All manuscripts must contain an informative to words abstract explaining the essential contents of the work, key ideas and results.

A list of "Keywords" should be included with the abstract. JBN publishes author's biographical sketch for the review articles. Prepare the sketch based on the following template. It is very important to supply high quality figures in a form suitable for reproduction. Each figure must be referred to in the text and will be printed in black and white unless otherwise instructed by the authors.

stallard scientific editing services

Each Figure should be submitted on a separate sheet and marked with the name of the author, title of manuscript and figure number. All formulae and figures should be carefully drafted and never drawn freehand. Use same font and size for all figure legends.

High quality original figures and glossy prints of all photographs are required. Photocopies of the figures and photographs are not acceptable. Use 12 font for numbering and 14 font for legends. Color illustrations are most welcome by the journal as they are effective in conveying complex graphs and photographs.

Half-tone illustrations should be supplied as clear, glossy, unmounted prints. The author's name, title of manuscript and figure number should be written on the back.

Each table must be referred to in the text. Each table should be typed double-spaced on a separate sheet and identified sequentially by Arabic numerals corresponding to the order in which they appear in the text.

Each table should have a brief explanatory title, which should be labeled unambiguously. The position of each table should be clearly marked in the text. Internationally accepted units of measurement must be used.

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The units of measurement are used in conjunction with their numerical values; the units should be abbreviated as suggested below. If more commonly used units are adopted, conversion factors should be given at their first occurrence.

Greek symbols may be used. The APS style guide can be used as a general reference on matter of units, grammar and formatting. No abbreviations are allowed in the title and abstract and should be defined the first time they are used within the text.View Michael Fortune’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

Stallard scientific editing, Climate Science Forum; Consulting services provided to the National Title: for. Announced: 11/16/ D.J. Butler D.J. (Dave) Butler's novels include Witchy Eye and sequels from Baen Books, The Kidnap Plot and sequels from Knopf, and City of the Saints, from WordFire plays guitar and banjo whenever he can, and likes to hang out in Utah with his children.

Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology ISSN: (Print): EISSN: (Online) Copyright © American Scientific Rights Reserved. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Letters ISSN: (Print); EISSN: (Online) Copyright © American Scientific Rights Reserved.

Our team of master's and PhD level editors, with experience in your specific academic field, will help prepare your manuscript for publication. We offer low cost editing services while maintaining the highest standards of schwenkreis.comr: Brian Wengreen.

The Survivors History Group was founded in April to value and celebrate the contribution that mental health service users/survivors have made and are making to history.

It is working towards a comprehensive history on this site and in a will also preserve historical material in digital form on this site, and in printed and other forms.

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