Small claims court essay

This form of injury can impact every aspect of your life, from your ability to walk, talk and even remember or think clearly. Brain injuries can also have a profound impact on your emotions and even your personality.

Small claims court essay

Religion and business have been closely intertwined throughout American history. The original corporate charter for the Virginia Company in addressed matters both commercial such as the granting of mining rights and religious such as the propagation of the Christian faith.

Some groups profess that God wants them to be fabulously wealthy, while others seek God by adopting a life of poverty. In a religiously pluralistic society, such a diversity of views on religion and money-making is hardly surprising. What is surprising is that, increasingly, governments and private parties are arguing that there is only one appropriate view of the relationship between religion and money-making: Exercising religion is fundamentally incompatible with earning profits.

This claim has been presented recently by state governments and private parties in litigation over pharmacy rights of conscience, and by state governments enacting conscience clauses with regard to recognizing same-sex marriages non-profits are sometimes protected, but never profit-makers.

The most prominent and developed form of the argument has been made by the federal government in the HHS mandate litigation, where it is currently arguing the point in at least seventeen different cases against businesses and business owners who cannot comply with the mandate on religious grounds.

Do our religious liberty laws protect profit-making businesses and their owners?

Small claims court essay

For this reason, there is no principled basis for excluding profit-making businesses and their owners from the protection of our religious liberty laws. Because some business forms provide advantages such as limited liability, owners should not be able to assert religious liberty claims in their individual capacities.

The entire argument turns on the issue of profits. As a legal matter, there is no dispute that non-profit organizations and the people who run them have religious liberty rights. When the administration issued its recent Notice of Proposed Rulemakingit made clear that non-profit religious objectors could obtain protection regardless of their corporate form, while all for-profit organizations were excluded entirely.

Do religions impose similar requirements on profit-making activities? For example, Judaism imposes a range of religious rules on the conduct of business, requiring honesty in all business dealings, closing for the Sabbath, and according to at least some authorities refraining from providing others materials that are harmful to human health, such as tobacco.

The Catholic Church too teaches that businesses should look beyond profit-maximization and seek justice for employees, customers, the community, and the environment. Jewish teachings, for example, emphasize that the profit-making business corporation is not separate from the individual shareholder or owner.

Still, some argue that the religious beliefs in question belong to the business owners, and not to the businesses themselves. After all, can a profit-making business really be said to hold a belief about matters so abstract as morality, ethics, philosophy, or religion?

Profit-Making Businesses and the Law Religious liberty law strongly indicates that profit-making businesses can exercise religion. Twice the Supreme Court has recognized that business owners can assert free exercise claims against government burdens imposed on their religion.With major suits against NuvaRing’s manufacturer, Merck, headed for trial, Marie Brenner asks why a potentially lethal contraceptive remains on the market.

Prepare a Complaint below to file a Small Claims case against David Deadbeat in the Franklin County Municipal Court, Small Claims Division. I provide you with a fillable form in the question below and you will save it as your submission.

will not show a small claims judgment against her.”) 19 On an episode of Judge Judy broadcast on 4/10/03 on WNBC, a man was suing his ex-girlfriend for stealing his computer and for making remarks to his ex-wife that affected his child visitation rights. small claims court merely because it is an automobile accident, personal injury action, or involving expert testimony.

8 General damages may be sought in small claims court, not just liquidated damages. Ross Essay Contest; Subscribe to the Magazine A new update to an existing chatbot app promises to allow users to "sue anyone in small claims court for up to $25, without the help of a.

Small Claims courts are were created to try and give the average Joe a cheap, simple way to settle any type of arguments involving property or finances, without necessarily having to .

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