Should business be responsible to help

Acting under a charter sanctioned by the Dutch government, the Dutch East India Company defeated Portuguese forces and established itself in the Moluccan Islands in order to profit from the European demand for spices. Investors in the VOC were issued paper certificates as proof of share ownership, and were able to trade their shares on the original Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Shareholders were also explicitly granted limited liability in the company's royal charter. The best-known example, established inwas the East India Company of London.

Should business be responsible to help

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Lorraine Caplan Certified Educator There are arguments for and against businesses being socially responsible, but it is my thought that they should be, for reasons practical, social, and moral. And by social responsibility, I mean something beyond obeying all laws and regulations and paying taxes.

Social responsibility is a concept that involves giving back to society in a way one has no legal obligation to provide.

Should business be responsible to help

There are arguments for and against businesses being socially responsible, but it is my thought that they should be, for reasons practical, social, and moral.

Some socially responsible expenditures provide tax advantages. One example is a tax credit for hiring people with various kinds of disabilities. Another is a write-off for some kinds of donations. The more people hear of a business in a positive way, the greater the chance they will avail themselves of what the business has to offer.

Also in a marketing vein, people often have causes they want to support, and a social responsibility campaign on behalf of a particular cause will draw those people to the business.

Second,businesses are as much a part of society as individuals are. They exist due to the good graces of the societies they live in.

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So, if only as a form of quid pro quo, businesses should be socially responsible. Businesses reap the advantage of all that society provides them with: Without all of these, businesses could not exist.

It is in the best interests of every business to see to it that these societal advantages continue, and giving back to the society is one means of doing that. Finally, I believe we all have a moral or ethical obligation to support our communities, and businesses should not be excluded from this obligation.

This could be looked at as utilitarian, Rawlsian, or even religiously ethical, but there is no doubt in my mind that social responsibility can and should be viewed as an ethical or moral construct as well. There are two primary arguments against social responsibility in business.

First is that businesses have an obligation to make money for their shareholders, and social responsibility dilutes that obligation.

Second is the idea that businesses are not in the business of social responsibility, thus they are not going to be particularly good at it, not knowing the best places to apply their efforts or actually causing harm to the people they meant to help.

In recent years, for instance, there have been socially responsible attempts by corporate sponsors to reform education. That has brought about results more disastrous than helpful.

Imagine that you are the business person deciding whether or not you should lead your business in a socially responsible direction. Looking at the arguments pro and con, think about what you should do.An oil rig exploring for oil and gas. A new report says more than 50% of global industrial emissions since can be traced to just 25 companies.

Only ‘responsible persons’ including employers, the self-employed and people in control of work premises should submit reports under RIDDOR. If you are an employee (or representative) or a member of the public wishing to report an incident about which you have concerns, please refer to our.

Announcing. Public release of the Catalog of State Financial Assistance (CSFA) and the Grantee Compliance Enforcement System Catalog of State Financial Assistance. The CSFA is required by GATA and provides a single, authoritative, statewide, comprehensive .

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Being a socially responsible company is a great way to attract positive outside attention to your corporation, and make your employees proud to be part of your organization. But before you can do this, it’s important to have clearly defined core values.

” Corporate responsibility can help you do just that as companies with published impact initiatives have an easier time recruiting talent. According to the Net Impact’s What Workers Want report, 45% of employees would take a 15% pay cut for a job that makes a social or environmental impact.

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Feb 21,  · Six Reasons Companies Should Embrace CSR. I step on top of my soapbox to declare the six business reasons why companies should embrace corporate social responsibility.

Using CSR can help.

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