Sexual anatomy

D E The above illustrations show the area between the labia minora. From top to bottom can be clearly seen the clitoris, urethral opening, and vaginal opening. A, B, and C show vaginal openings with a normal hymen, a membrane that partially covers the opening. The hymen is the traditional "symbol" of virginity, although being a very thin membrane, it can be torn by vigorous exercise or the insertion of a tampon.

Sexual anatomy

But from a standpoint of pleasure and sexual response, sexual anatomy is about far more than genitals and is far less about Sexual anatomy organs. Ultimately, all the parts of the body are potential or actual sexual organs in the context of pleasure, though some body parts or areas, overall, tend to play a bigger role for most people than other parts do.

Our most important sexual organs when it comes to pleasure are not only usually different than we think, but operate far less independently than we assume or have been told. There are a lot of densely packed nerve endings in our genitals, and if and when we stimulate them ourselves, wantedly have them stimulated by others, or rub two sets together, it does tend Sexual anatomy often result in a sexual kapowie.

But the kapowie experience is a lot more complicated than the stimulating of Sexual anatomy genitals part. We can talk about cute babies-to-be at the dinner table with Grandma: Reproductive function tells us little about pleasure.

It can tell the truth that for most people, most of the time, the pursuit of solo or partnered sex is often about the pursuit of emotional and physical pleasure, not about a desire to breed, and that the form of that pursuit is as diverse as we are. Pleasure is a big and vital part of most of our lives, including sexual pleasure, and the anatomical basics of sexual pleasure need be no more a mystery than where babies come from.

They look different enough most of the time: The brain is responsible for our emotions, our perceptions including of pain and of pleasureour memories; for regulating and controlling our central nervous systemour cardiovascular system, our endocrine system and our senses.

The hypothalamus of the brain is responsible for the secretion of hormones that influence sexual feelings and response, like oxytocin, vasopressin, serotonin and dopamine. The brain receives and processes messages from your sensory organs, giving you and other parts of your body information about how something or someone, including yourself looks, sounds, tastes, smells and feels to you.

Androgens, estrogens and progestins are "sex" hormones produced by the adrenal glands by people of all sexes, with some difference in amounts between all sexes, and also in the testes, ovaries and a couple other parts of the body.

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These play a part in sexual pleasure. Androgens effect the desire for sex and are one of its many drivers, though within average hormonal ranges, the brain plays a bigger part in sex drive than those hormones.

Androgens play a part in erection and response of the penis, the clitoris and the vagina. For those with a vagina, estrogens influence vaginal lubrication and elasticity of vulvovaginal tissues.

The brain is primarily responsible for orgasm: This -- and the fact that orgasm is more about the brain and nervous system than body parts where physical stimulation that might be part of why we have an orgasm occurs -- is one reason why classifying orgasms like "vaginal orgasm" or "clitoral orgasm" is problematic.

After all, if sex was only or mostly about our genitals, even with genital diversity, it would be sound to expect that those of us with the same basic parts would have the same experiences with a given kind of touch. When we say high sensitivity, we mean that some areas of the body have more sensory nerve receptors a nerve that passes impulses from receptors to the central nervous system: When it comes to sensory nerves, not all parts of the body are created equal.

Sexual Anatomy | Healthguru

Some people with disabilities that impact or inhibit genital sensation can still reach orgasm because sex is mostly about the brain and the body as a unique whole, not compartmentalized parts. Our skin, as a whole, is really an erogenous zone.

Mucocutaneous regions of the body made of both mucosa and cutaneous skin are also often particularly sensitive: When a relationship is really great, a partner touching us in this place, in this way, might have felt amazing. But that same person touching us in the same place in the exact same way can feel lousy or even like nothing at all if that relationship has later gone straight to hell.

Sexual anatomy

Where are your tingly bits? Most of us can find out about where your erogenous zones are with your own two hands: With partners, take the time to find out about areas on both of your bodies you each tend to find sensitive and sexually arousing, really focusing on exploring ALL of your body, and communicating to each other where those sensitive areas are.

This is one reason it makes a lot of sense not to rush into genital sex: If in doubt about what kind of genitals someone has, what they like to call them, or how a person genders themselves in relationship to their body, just ask.

The genitals of some people -- like some intersex people, people who have had sexual reassignment or other genital surgery, people who have had genital injuries, mutilations or who just had major variances at birth -- may not match ideas of what genitals "should" look like or fit any one diagram or description well.

Some people who identify as men or male have a vagina; some people who identify as women or female have a penis.Sexual anatomy that’s typically called male includes your penis and scrotum (external male genitalia) and internal reproductive organs like the testicles.

Sexual anatomy

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It must be emphasized that emotional excitement is an extremely important component of sexual enjoyment, and intensifies the man's perception of any physical sensations from his penis.

The foreskin. To study both the anatomy of intercourse and its physiology, pioneering sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson conducted numerous laboratory studies in the s where subjects engaged in sexual behaviors, including intercourse while being observed and monitored.

We believe that stimulation of the glans is most significant in the later stages of sexual intercourse, when penetration is deepest and emotions are running at their highest. Sensations from the glans contribute to the quality of the sensual experience. FEMALE SEXUAL ANATOMY FEMALE EXTERNAL GENITALIA: VULVA, LABIA, and CLITORIS (A) External View, closed (B) External View, open and flushed.

The Vulva is the external sexual organ of women. The above view (A) shows the external view of the female vulva as normally seen when the woman is standing up.

Anatomy of the Penis and Mechanics of Intercourse