Research papers on aggression

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Research papers on aggression

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The source of aggression within humans is a long summative list, but before trying to understand its source one must apply a working definition of aggression.

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Aggressive behavior is defined by Encyclopedia Britannica as any action of an animal that serves to injure an opponent or prey animal or to cause an opponent to retreat.

Myers states that aggression is any physical or verbal behavior intended to hurt or destroy. For example, an aggressive behavior can be negative or positive, accidental or intended, and physical or mental. Aggression can take numerous forms, the act of hitting a wall to release aggression has some of the same roots as playing football and enjoying hitting the quarterback.

A child yelling at his parents could be equated, in its aggressiveness, with hitting one"s horn when one is cut off on Aggression is also a relative construct.


What might seem like a terribly aggressive act to one person, most often the victim, might seem like an induced response to the perpetrator. Then she asked the students to describe the situation that had just transpired.

What she found was that both victims and perpetrators deformed the truth equally to present their sides in a better light. Victims would dwell on their lasting traumas from the incident while the perpetrator might make the act seem like a one-time action provoked by insurmountable circumstances.

The resulting implication is that aggression is in the eye of the beholder. Some acts are very easy to categorize as aggressive, a first degree murder or first degree rape, but is negligent manslaughter aggressive?

The mere act of not shoveling one"s sidewalk might have the same effect as a cold-blooded murder but is it an aggressive act? For the purposes of this paper aggression will be related to the four conditions presented by Gerda Siann. They are as follows; 1. The person carrying out that behavior, the aggressor, does so with intention.

The behavior is taking place within an interpersonal situation which is characterized by an accumulated distress or a opposition. The aggressor intends by the behavior in question to gain a greater advantage than the person on the other side of the aggression.

Research papers on aggression

The aggressor carrying out the behavior has either provoked the situation or moved the conflict unto a higher degree of strength. An explicit example of the strength of both nature and nurture concerning aggression is the life of Kody Scott, a young gang member of California.

Negativity is but half of the nature of aggression. Aggression can have very positive results. For example, a non-aggressive hockey player gets thrown around and will therefore not perform very well in an bellicose sport. On the other hand an aggressive player will not allow himself to be thrown around like the aforementioned player and will most likely win the small battles just based on the mentality of the player.Published: Mon, 5 Dec Over a period spanning more than 50 years, research evidence has accumulated about media violence with leading scholars, principally in the United States, reaching the conclusion that exposure to media violence, especially that occurring on movies and television, facilitates aggressive and antisocial behavior among those who watch it.

Domestic Violence and Aggression ­­Research Paper. Pamela J, FRCPsych, & FMedSci’s, () critique on Psychosis and Violence shows the fears, stories, and . View Aggression Research Papers on for free. Essay/Term paper: Aggression Essay, term paper, research paper: Psychology.

See all college papers and term papers on Psychology. For the purposes of this paper aggression will be related to the four conditions presented by Gerda Siann. They are as follows; 1. The person carrying out that behavior, the aggressor, does so with intention.

Research papers on aggression

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