Raj kapoor underwriting agencies limited liability

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Raj kapoor underwriting agencies limited liability

The Insurance Fraud Bureau of Australia believes that one in every ten claims is dishonest.

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Fraud can range from individual policyholders yielding to temptation and filing a single dodgy claim, through to organised crime where multiple parties collude to repeatedly inflate or fabricate claims. The challenge Consumers and service providers typically have multiple relationships with insurers.

This makes it almost impossible for insurance companies to verify all the information provided by the policyholder or to get an industry view of service providers because of competitive issues and data privacy requirements. The solution We have teamed up with IXUP, which facilitates secure data collaboration, to enable the creation of an industry dataset to check detailed transaction level claims information across insurance products.

This solution obtains detailed claims profiles from multiple insurers and insurance products to look for anomalous behaviour. Our advanced analytics surfaces unusual patterns of claiming that are not visible via simpler techniques using more limited data.

The outcome Our analytics can uncover the extent of fraud or estimate the likelihood that a claim is dishonest. We look at industry data in a way that ensures commercial and confidential requirements of the participating insurers and respects the privacy of policyholders.

More than that, additional data sets can be added to the platform — credit scores, banking information or hospital data — to flesh out specific trends that warrant further investigation.

An example would be unearthing a spike in compulsory third party claims for certain combinations of accident type, claimant attributes and health or legal service providers.

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This collaboration will give insurers a new level of decision making while maintaining absolute control over their own data. The outcome would be reduced fraud and simpler processes — in both cases this would mean lower costs that would ultimately be passed on to consumers via lower insurance premiums.Boeker Countertops of Houston, inc.

raj kapoor underwriting agencies limited liability

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