Private prison essays

Ancelet Cajun music and zydeco are closely related parallel music forms.

Private prison essays

Private Prisons Essay Private Prisons Essay Private prisons are detention places where control of those who have been sentenced is awarded or contracted out to a nongovernmental entity i.

At least two situations may be at play with private prisons. A public or government detention facility allows the private company to assume control over the existing building containing prisoners; or a private corporation may build a new prison to house prisoners that the government allocates to the corporation to manage.

Of all state and federal prisoners in the United States, currently about 8 percent are managed by private prisons.

Given the tenfold increase in the number of prisoners over the last 40 years, along with the fourfold increase in the imprisonment rate, there have been a number of corresponding challenges to confining prisoners.

Issues challenging private prisons range from economic to legal and moral and by no means are straightforward. History Private prisons in the United States go back as early as colonial times with private and public partnerships involving prisoners.

During the Civil War, local businesses such as furniture producers and coal mining companies tried to use prisoner labor to expand their profits.

During the mids, private prisons experienced a resurgence. From the s untilthere was a tremendous growth of private prisons, although expansion leveled off thereafter. Major Companies That run Private Prisons A few major corporations manage nearly three-fourths of all private prisons.

Init acquired Correctional Services Corporation, selling off its juvenile services to Youth Services International. Cornell Companies, another major player in the private prisoner industry, was acquired by GEO in Its focus is on rehabilitation for both juveniles and adults.

Part of the reason for these lower costs is due to less overtime and fewer benefits for private workers than for public service workers. The companies that run private prisons claim that because they are awarded the opportunity to manage prisoners, this then carries with it the pressure to execute their performance in a manner better than public service workers.

Privately constructed detention facilities can be expanded or modified more easily than government-run prisons. Moreover, other government based reports suggest that private prisons pursue cost reduction i. Being profit-driven is considered to be a barrier to revealing completely all that is going on inside a private prison.

The responsibility of passing on the punishment function of a prison to private workers is a topic of considerable debate. Because one of the core functions of a prison is to deliver punishment, the corporations that run the private prisons do not have policy history or experience in this regard, given that their policies have focused on regulations and on the delivery of benefits to their clientele.

Three states have issued bans on the privatization of prisons because of the above-mentioned considerations. Recommendations In comparing private versus public prisons and detention facilities, a robust array of valid and reliable performance measures are required.

The ethical concerns of prison management must be fairly measured. To achieve a useful evaluation, there must be controls in place. Prisons being compared should be at the same level of security.

Private prison essays

Additionally, the prisons should be similar in the age of their structures. The management style overseeing the prisons should be taken into consideration.

Slavery and Prison - Understanding the Connections

When cost is investigated, this should include an assessment of indirect costs as well as direct costs. Costs for medical care and other health-related services e. Private Prisons in America: A Critical Race Perspective.

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Slavery and Prison - Understanding the Connections

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