Prevalence of coronary heart disease in india

Deaths by heart diseases in the U. A paid subscription is required for full access. Inthere were

Prevalence of coronary heart disease in india

Angina that changes in intensity, character or frequency is termed unstable. Unstable angina may precede myocardial infarction. These include high blood pressuresmokingdiabeteslack of exercise, obesityhigh blood cholesterolpoor diet, depressionfamily historyand excessive alcohol.

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HDL high density lipoprotein has a protective effect over development of coronary artery disease. Dietary cholesterol does not appear to have a significant effect on blood cholesterol and thus recommendations about its consumption may not be needed.

It leads to damage, death, and eventual scarring of the heart muscle without regrowth of heart muscle cells.

Chronic high-grade narrowing of the coronary arteries can induce transient ischemia which leads to the induction of a ventricular arrhythmiawhich may terminate into a dangerous heart rhythm known as ventricular fibrillationwhich often leads to death. Calcium phosphate hydroxyapatite deposits in the muscular layer of the blood vessels appear to play a significant role in stiffening the arteries and inducing the early phase of coronary arteriosclerosis.

This can be seen in a so-called metastatic mechanism of calciphylaxis as it occurs in chronic kidney disease and hemodialysis Rainer Liedtke Although these people suffer from a kidney dysfunction, almost fifty percent of them die due to coronary artery disease.

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Plaques can be thought of as large "pimples" that protrude into the channel of an artery, causing a partial obstruction to blood flow.

People with coronary artery disease might have just one or two plaquesor might have dozens distributed throughout their coronary arteries. A more severe form is chronic total occlusion CTO when a coronary artery is completely obstructed for more than 3 months.

One explanation is microvascular dysfunction. Therefore, usually the same tests are used as in any person with the suspected of having coronary artery disease:The heart is a muscular organ about the size of a fist, located just behind and slightly left of the breastbone.

The heart pumps blood through the network of arteries and veins called the. Prevalence and incidence of hypertension: Results from a representative cohort of over 16, adults in three cities of South Asia ☆. Heart failure develops when the heart, via an abnormality of cardiac function (detectable or not), fails to pump blood at a rate commensurate with the requirements of the metabolizing tissues or is able to do so only with an elevated diastolic filling pressure.

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Prevalence of coronary heart disease in india

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Prevalence of coronary heart disease in india

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are disorders of the heart and blood vessels and include coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, rheumatic heart disease and other conditions.

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