Portrayal of women in advertising essay

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Portrayal of women in advertising essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Portrayal of Women in Advertising Essay Sample Introduction For any organization, advertisement is one of the most important marketing activities.


The advertisement industry has grown rapidly to become an important economic entity supporting lives of millions of people in the world. However, advertisement is not only an economic activity but it articulates different ideas, attitudes, and values which shape out social life and consumption patterns.

Therefore we can say that advertising becomes a culture form by virtue of signifying practices. In signifying practices, advertisement articulates meaning to words and images although this depends on how we interpret them.

Portrayal of women in advertising essay

Advertisement is a powerful means of informing and by virtue of signifying practices it diffuses and shapes the beliefs of our societies Abernethy and Franke, Advertising is such a strong influence in our society that it determines our needs, what we care about, how we raise our children, and may other things.

Advertisement can be described as a strong social practice which does not just operate in a vacuum.

Portrayal of women in advertising essays

Advertisement is about people and how to influence them. It is plays an important social role involving a number of relationships which are created around the object, person, symbolism, power, and satisfaction. This means that advertisement in a way shapes our social culture which means that it should be consider in terms of our cultural expectations.

Therefore due to the cultural bound of the advertisements, the complexity and the varied forms and functions, there is a high likelihood of disparities in interpretation Ewen, ; Rakow, Different cultures are likely to interpret advertisement in different ways.

However, members of the same culture must share specific set of images, concepts and ideas about something which helps them to give a similar interpretation to something. In order to understand advertisement, we need to create more emphases on visual images.

Visual images are powerful non-verbal symbols which convey the advertising message in a more efficient way than verbal communication Craig, Like other socializing agents, the visual imagery can have an effect on our attitudes, values, beliefs, and behavior since it contributes to meaning and association.

With the increasing technology, modern advertising is dependant on the visual images as the main symbol to covey the advertisement message.

As a result, every advertiser will look for the most appropriate image that is likely to have an impact on the target market or that is likely to have more influence on the target market.

Like the verbal word, visual images are symbols which tend to create a multi-leveled meaning which have to be decoded in order to convey meaning Ewen, Several researches have found out that visual images are very important in advertisement since most of those who read advertisement usually look for illustrations, read the headline of the advertisement, and read the body copy.

Visual images are therefore powerful tools for conveying advertisement message. Advertisement reaches millions of people every day and they have a lot of influence.Link —-> portrayal of women in advertising essay thesis schwenkreis.com essay writing service schwenkreis.com custom course work proofreading services ca esl business plan ghostwriter service for college.

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Portrayal of Men and Women in Indian Television Advertising Essay - Portrayal of Men and Women in Indian Television Advertising Abstract Although gender role portrayals in advertising have been extensively studied in Western and other Asian countries, very few such analyses have been done in India.

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Women’s Role Portrayal Preferences in Advertisements: An Empirical Study. This Article is written by Lawrence H. Wortzel and John M. Frisbie in Oct, This article is based on the two published studies which did research on the role that women portrayal in print advertising.

Portrayal of women in advertising essay paper