Population analysis of yemen

At the time, Yemen was the most advanced region in Arabia. Muhammed sent Muadh ibn Jabalas well to Al-Janad, in present-day Taizand dispatched letters to various tribal leaders. The reason behind this was the division among the tribes and the absence of a strong central authority in Yemen during the days of the prophet. He was assassinated by a Yemeni of Persian origin called Fayruz al-Daylami.

Population analysis of yemen

The pyramid provided is not corresponding to data given above because the age groups have different number of years. As we can see the Yemen population pyramid has an expanding type.

Population analysis of yemen

This type of pyramid is common for developing countries with high birth and death rates. Relatively short life expectancy, as well as low level of education and poor health care are also describe such kind of population age distribution model.

The estimation data for section "Yemen age structure" is based on the latest demographic and social statistics by United Nations Statistics Division. Age dependency ratio Dependency ratio of population is a ratio of people who are generally not in the labor force the dependents to workforce of a country the productive part of population.

The dependent part includes the population under 15 years old and people aged 65 and over. The productive part of population accordingly consists of population between 15 and 64 years.

This ratio shows the pressure on productive population produced by the dependent part of population.

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The total dependency ratio of population in Yemen is As we can see the dependent part of population is comparable to the working part.

It means that each working person in Yemen must provide goods for himself and cover expenditure on one child or aged person additionally. The value of Child dependency ratio Child dependency ratio is a ratio of people below working age under 15 to workforce of a country.

Population analysis of yemen

Child dependency ratio in Yemen is Aged dependency ratio in Yemen is 4. The estimation data for section "Yemen age dependency ratio" is based on the latest demographic and social statistics by United Nations Statistics Division.

Life expectancy Life expectancy at birth is one of the most important demographic indicator. It shows the number of years a newborn infant would live assuming that birth and death rates will remain at the same level during the whole lifetime.

Total life expectancy both sexes at birth for Yemen is This is below the average life expectancy at birth of the global population which is about 71 years according to Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations.

Male life expectancy at birth is Female life expectancy at birth is Literacy of population According to our estimates 11, persons or Accordingly about 4, adults are illiterate. Literacy rate for adult male population is Literacy rate for adult female population is Youth literacy rates are The overall youth literacy rate is Youth literacy rate definition covers the population between the ages of 15 to 24 years.

Yemen historical population - The data is given as of 1st of January of an year.Our analysis suggests that the small first cholera epidemic wave seeded cholera across Yemen during the dry season.

When the rains returned in April, , they triggered widespread cholera transmission that led to the large second wave.

reducing the susceptible population might be an effective way to interrupt transmission or at least. In , the median age of the population of Yemen was years.

The Statistics Portal. Statistics and Studies from more than 22, Sources. We offer customized research & analysis services. Yemen is one of the least developed countries in the world with the vast majority of its population in rural and tribal areas, and it's seen many conflicts and civil wars in recent history.

The population is more than 5x larger than its population of million, and Yemen has a young population as well, with almost half of its people.

Media caption Inside Yemen's industrial-scale prosthetic limb factory. About 75% of the population - million people - are in need of humanitarian assistance, including million people in.

The population of Yemen was about 28 million according to estimates, with 46% of the population being under 15 years old and % above 65 years. In , it was million.

In , it was million. The Impact of War on Mental Health in Yemen: A Neglected Crisis. November 30, ; Sana'a Center Given that children under the age of 14 represent some 44% of the total population in Yemen, their well-being is of particular concern, especially given the heightened vulnerability of children.

The Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies is.

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