Metalworks case

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Metalworks case

Same panel — I swear! Take a look at the restoration of this piece in our blogs! Plus, it also accounts for nearly half of the external bodywork! Rust can also take a heavy toll on the bonnet, and we can erase that damage as well.

Metalworks case

The new bonnets — when available, have poor build quaility, lots of bare metal between panels, incorrect hardware, and several features that Metalworks case reproduction.

We have the pieces you need to get your bonnet back into shape — any year, Metalworks case Series! This is a brand new Series 3 E-Type bonnet that a building caved in on during a storm.

There is literally no bonnet we cannot repair! Rust Damage in the Center-to-Wing Flanges — E-Type bonnets were assembled at the factory in a light coating of primer if thatand then sprayed once assembled.

In addition, the center-to-wing flanges are bolted together with a thick spacer washer to allow clearance for the brass, chrome molding clips to fit down through. We currently are the only source — worldwide — for new center-to-wing flanges, and we can TIG-weld these in to save your center section and wings, replacing larger sections of the curved outer skin as well if necessary… We have made sucessful repairs here MANY, MANY times — and have the tools and required welding skills to do it right, without warping the wing itself.

This will be ground down and trimmed, aligned with factory-correct templates to reset the curvature, and then the holes will be re-drilled. When completed, it will be new again — inside and out! These flanges were also poorly primed and painted, and they rust badly where they meet the inner bonnet panels, quickly ruining the flange.

While these are simple pieces overall, their curves must be exact for proper bonding.

Metalworks case

We can now ensure that every single flange on the bonnet is rock-solid and properly shaped. In this photo, one of our new bonnet support members has been used to restore this Series 1 Lower Valance. Not so much a rusted area, but this corner of an otherwise very nice Series 2 center section had to go… Here is our solution — NO filler required!

Follow the step-by-step restoration of this bonnet in our blog posts.

Most importantly, we know what can damage a panel, and we know which methods to employ to strip your panels correctly. Saving a few dollars in this phase can damage your bonnet beyond repair — nothing is worse than the damage caused by overly-aggressive stripping!

We will strip your panels bare without damage — and almost always use multiple methods to get the job done right.

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This is a Monocoque metalworks specialty — converting Series 1. See our blog entries that document this process step-by-step. We know what to check, what to look out for, and have our own little tricks to do it right.

When panels are being replaced, they can be adjusted — correctly — in our fabrication shop. Attention to detail in the assembly phase is crucial!

Every bonnet that leaves our shop looks like this — everything properly aligned, bonded flanges that are clean and uniform, correct, new hardware or restored originals at the customers requestand guaranteed to be suitable for a point restoration!

Early Bonnets a Specialty! The flanges are also spot-welded to the outer skin, much wider, and shaped somewhat differently. This is a welded-louver, welded-flange bonnet being handbuilt. When completed, this bonnet was a perfect early bonnet — William Lyons himself would have sworn it was original!

These bonnets are carefully assembled with restored original hardware, and all flanges are bonded with the correct adhesive. We use the machinery in our fabrication shop to match the flanges to the outer skin perfectly, resulting in a very even bonded seam on every flange.

These complete bonnets are sold on an exchange basis, pricing based on the condition of the bonnet you can supply as a core. We can also modify these components — removing the factory air ducts and re-routing them as brake cooling scoops, for example.

We are not yet able to supply the outer skin itself in aluminum, but we are working on it! We are slowly but steadily moving toward aluminum bonnet and shell construction.

Our latest challenge is the restoration of these aluminum race bonnets from a well-known E-Type racing team.

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After several seasons, we have now hand-fabricated almost every square-inch of this bonnet to patterns pulled from the original wrecked factory bonnet — though a portion of the original center section that includes the power bulge does remain. In this photo, it has been returned to their shop, and awaits re-fitting to the body shell in the background.Protect your pens, pencils, and other accessories with these sturdy metal pencil cases.

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Metallurgy is a domain of materials science and engineering that studies the physical and chemical behavior of metallic elements, their inter-metallic compounds, and their mixtures, which are called schwenkreis.comurgy is used to separate metals from their ore.

Metallurgy is also the technology of metals: the way in which science is applied to the production of metals, and the engineering of.

Metal and glass display cases are durable and long lasting due to their solid construction and framing. All options come with tempered glass sides and/or shelves, a type of glass that is much stronger and safer than standard glass plates.

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