Is war ever justified

Student Answers franzvillan Student is the end all and be all, we have to realize that the potential to break this cycle is what truly makes us human and we have the ability and the compassion to break this killer instinct. Every war has an ulterior motive I'm sure you people don't need examples and every time war is advertised it's referred to as service to your country but are you really fightng for the common man?

Is war ever justified

Submit All wars are justifiable, few are justified. Any war can be justifiable. Justifiable no man would ever take the risks that war encumbers without reason. The real question is whether or not the given reason is moral.

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What, therefore, would make a war moral, or immoral? Are morals absolute, or are they up to individuals? Should morals be based on feelings, religion, or other reasons? Do ends justify means?

These are the true questions that must be answered before the question of justified war can be answered, and unfortunately each point is complicated and has been individually debated for as long as human history.

I will therefor give my own opinion without reasoning, as the reasoning itself would take several drawn out conversations, or books to even begin to express. Yes, there are absolute morals. Finally, no, the ends never justify the means. Based on these presumptions I believe that war can, and should always be fought if other criteria are met.

First it should be in the protection of others this may include your own citizensnever for personal gain or interest. Second, these others must want your help.

Is War Ever Justified

Third, without compromising the first two conditions, you must do everything in your power to resolve a conflict peacefully.

All three conditions must be met for a war to be justified, but if even one is not met, the war can never be justified. If there are any arguments or problems with the assertions I have made please do reply debate is a great and glorious thing if used with the desire to find truth.

It should be noted that my unwillingness to explain my beliefs in further detail a major cop out, and one that I hope to address in some way.

Debate: Is War Ever Justified?

Mabey I will write several books if I must, but just be aware that I do have very sound reasoning, and careful consideration that has led to my beliefs as they are.Is war ever Justified essaysLife has many amazing things to offer.

Life presents us to things such as feelings, people, events, and at last death. Being alive means having the opportunity to learn, to love, to hurt, to feel unhappiness and joy. Can war ever be justified? The example of Jesus is central to Christians’ attitude to war.

He was presented with an opportunity to lead an armed uprising, but he refused. May 02,  · If France had been strong enough, Germany would never have invaded. If she had the will to more aggressively opposed Germany aggression in the 30's, there would never have been a Second world War.

Sometime even an offensive war is justified. Usually freedom and necessity are in conflict in the governance's of Man. At times of war thay are in Resolved.

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God’s view of war has not changed—he uses it as a legitimate means to end oppression and wickedness. However, God’s war of Armageddon will end all wars. Is war ever justified? Many wars have taken place since ages as far back in the bible making war part of the society.

Is war ever justified

Many people believe that wars are necessary, especially in situations where all diplomatic methods have been exhausted. War can be justified when there is a humanitarian crisis. Going to war entails a lot of casualties and damage to properties, but if it means saving people against genocide and other atrocities, it is necessary.

Is war ever morally justified?