How to write an inch and a half

Contexts of use[ edit ] The thou, or mil, is most commonly used in engineering and manufacturing. For example in specifying: The thickness of items such as paper, film, foil, wires, paint coatings, latex gloves, plastic sheeting, and fibers For example, most plastic ID cards are about 30 thou 30 mils in US 0. Card stock thickness in the US is usually measured in points or mils that gives the thickness of the sheet in thousandths of an inch.

How to write an inch and a half

The rectangle that wraps around the pool is given to be 68 square feet. By putting all three of these areas together, we know that the area of the larger rectangle is equal to the area of the pool plus the area of the walkway that surrounds the pool. So our equation becomes: Finally, we need to solve this equation to find the width of the walkway.

Rearrange the terms for easier multiplication and find the sum of 68 and Combine like terms and subtract from each side.

how to write an inch and a half

Since dimensions of a pool and a walkway around a pool cannot be negative our answer is that the width of the walkway is 1 foot. They would need a minimum of 68 bags to complete the project: Let's Practice Question 1 A rectangular garden is surrounded by a walk of uniform width.

The area of the garden is square yards. If the dimensions of the garden plus the walk are 16 yards by 24 yards, find the dimensions of the garden. Question 2 A rectangular flower garden is surrounded by a walkway 4 meters wide.

The flower garden is 6 meters longer than it is wide. If the total area is square meters more than the area of the flower garden, find the dimensions of the flower garden.

Try These Question 1 The mat around a picture measures x inches across.

Converting units of length

The length of the picture with its mat is 40 inches, and the width of the picture with its mat is 24 inches. If the area of the picture is square inches, find the dimensions of the picture.

The pool has an area of square feet. The dimensions of the pool with the patio will be 15 feet by 20 feet. Find the dimensions of the pool. After solving the equation, you must substitute your solutions into the given data to reach the final answer.The By box shows half an inch, which is the standard tab stop and a goodly distance to indent the first line of text.

Click OK. The first line of the current paragraph or all paragraphs in a selected block are indented per the amount specified in the By box. The drawing below shows a fractional ruler with a smallest graduation of 1/32" (indicated with a scale legend of 32nds beside the scale) and describes how to measure each fraction of an inch.

When writing down a distance measured, normally the whole inches are followed by the fractional part of an inch. 1 2 " 12) 7" 13) 4 1 8 "©e my1 i1Z lK duOtAa8 HSTonf 6tzw Va3rLe N JLHL lC D.w k vA SlOlt xr zi tg 5hPtPsn Ir Eeus se WrMvZedh.s Z HMxa DdXe8 6w 4i kt ChT eIJn mfni Wn0iDtfe N RGBeOoCmMeVtVrhy x.I Worksheet by Kuta Software LLC 2-Line Segments and Measure (inches).

Yards to Inches Conversion Table

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Measuring in inches using the 1/16 parts of an inch