Essay a fortunate life by a.b. facey

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Essay a fortunate life by a.b. facey

Plot summary[ edit ] The autobiography begins at his birth. His father died on the Goldfields of Western Australia in of typhoid fever and Albert's mother left her children to the care of their grandmother shortly afterwards.

Essay title: Discourses - the Relativeness Between "a Fortunate Life" and My Own Personal Life

In he moved from Victoria to Western Australia in the care of his grandmother, Mrs. Jane Carr born - diedand three of his six older siblings: Roy, Eric and Myra. Most of his childhood was spent in the Wickepin area.

He started working on farms at the age of eight and had little education and therefore could not read or write. As a child he taught himself to read and write.


By the age of 14 he was an experienced bushmanand at 18 a professional boxer. Badly injured at Gallipolihe suffered severe problems which were later the cause of his death. While recuperating he met his future wife Evelyn Mary Gibson and they were married in Bunbury in August The Faceys lived in East Perth before returning to Wickepin six years later with their children, where they lived until His wife died in The couple had seven children — the eldest, Barney, was killed during the Second World War — and twenty-eight grandchildren.

Origins and publishing history[ edit ] Facey had been making notes on his life since an early age, and had been entertaining family and friends for decades with his stories which, over the years, became more and more polished at times at the cost of historical accuracy [2].

At the urging of his wife, he eventually wrote them up into a full manuscript, by hand, in a series of exercise books, working at the kitchen table. He then had the manuscript typed up and sent it to Fremantle Arts Centre Pressrequesting that twenty copies be printed and bound for family members and friends.

A Fortunate Life - Reading Australia

Facey's story was so remarkable, however, that it was immediately accepted for commercial publication. It appeared just nine months before his death on 11 Februaryin his 88th year. Achievements[ edit ] Awards and honours[ edit ] Albert Facey and A Fortunate Life have been the recipients to a host of award nominations since the initial publication of the book but have only won two major book awards.Jun 15,  · A Fortunate Life by Albert Barnett Facey finally appeared in ‘Bert’ Facey was born in , seven years before Federation and the birth of a modern Australian nation.

His life closely mapped the drama of the early decades of the young country, in peacetime and in war.4/5(5).

Essay a fortunate life by a.b. facey

Facey agrees, showing his love for the Phillips, however when Facey's mother refuses, we see Facey accept this the way he accepts all the other sad moments in his life: in a very understated tone, that lends credibility to his story, and makes it much more dramatic and sympathy-evoking.

Essay Ð'- A Fortunate Life by A.B. Facey "Bert Facey is the epitome of the legendary Australian". Demonstrate this from a study of his autobiography.4/4(1).

Essay – A Fortunate Life by A.B. Facey “Bert Facey is the epitome of the legendary Australian”. Demonstrate this from a study of his autobiography.

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Albert Facey’s novel, A Fortunate Life depicts the life of an extraordinary man living in old Australia. A Fortunate Life is an autobiography by Albert Facey published in , nine months before his death.

Essay a fortunate life by a.b. facey

It chronicles his early life in Western Australia, his experiences as a private during the Gallipoli campaign of World War I and his return to civilian life after the war. A Fortunate Life composed by A.B Facey is a reflection of a lifetime that most would hope to forget.

In complete contrast Piano a poem written by D.H. Lawrence reveals the composers joyful emotions when remembering his childhood.

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