Business plan webshop voorbeeld sollicitatie

You can develop a professional business plan for your online shop by collecting specific information, facts and figures.

Business plan webshop voorbeeld sollicitatie

Ik heb heel veel van geleerd, en heb mijn brief dan ook totaal veranderd.

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Graag zou ik jullie willen vragen, wat jullie van mijn verbeterd brief vinden. Dit is de hele brief, zoals ik van plan ben om het te sturen. About me My name is Achille Cyubahiro. I am 21 years old and live in Amsterdam. I am currently a Dutch citizen but my roots are in Rwanda.

I was born in Rwanda and left there with my family after the civil war started in I was then 8 years old and we moved to our neighbouring country, D. R Congo used to be Zaire. We stayed a year there, where I attended primary school lessons are taught in French. After one year inwe moved again to a neighbouring country of Congo, Zambia.

In Zambia we lived there for 4 years. I have been living in the Netherlands up to now. During my stay in the Netherlands, I went to an international school, where Dutch is taught to international students. After 2 years, I went to a regular Dutch school at a Vwo-level and with the profile: Unfortunately this study turned out, not to meet my expectations.

Even though I completed secondary school within a technique profile, I have always been fascinated by the business world. Thus realizing that my current study Artificial Intelligence did not meet my expectations, I have decided to take a different direction, heading to this fascinating business world, trying to explore it.

business plan webshop voorbeeld sollicitatie

What fascinates me the most is the accelerating globalisation of the markets. It seems to me that, in ten years there will be countless opportunities for young, motivated, and high-qualified managers able to understand the suitable mechanisms and take advantage of this enormous still increasing international trade.

This is an opportunity for the new generation I would not like to miss. I believe that by choosing the IBA program, I am doing the first step in the right direction.

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Furthermore I expect the IBA program will open for me the doors of the international business world by equipping me with the essential tools to succeed in it.

My commitment, dedication and willingness to learn combined with my mathematical skills I gained in secondary school together with my sufficient knowledge of English, makes me feel suitable to study the IBA program. As you have read about me, I was raised in an international environment.

My career expectations are therefore entirely on the international field. I have always aimed at a position in a company that would allow me to develop an international career and thus be able to work with and learn from different cultures.

In the long run, I am planning to start my own business company. The coordinators are very helpful in answering questions, and guiding you in the right direction to achieve what you want. Another reason why I choose VU is because of its location: Laatst gewijzigd op om Success essay topic hindi computer future essay benefits plan for essay example quote response cars research paper in filipino translation.

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business plan webshop voorbeeld sollicitatie

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