Bo universe design specification

However, I have had quite a few requests to write about it, and have finally agreed to compile my own list of Best Practices for universe design. So, a well thought out, well built universe is key to a successful deployment. SAP BusinessObjects includes two tools for building and maintaining universes: Universe Design Tool the legacy tool formerly known as Designer and Information Design Tool the newer tool, first released with version 4.

Bo universe design specification

How to create an object Right click on class and from menu select object OR Click on Insert from menu bar and click on objects OR Drag-drop the column from a universe pane under a class you want to create an object Once objects icon appears under a class, double click on it to edit its properties Enter Name of Objects Select the type of objects.

Click on Properties tab to define objects type and other properties. Select the security access level of objects by default its Public.

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Following type security access leve can be applied to an object. It help to define technical information of an object like description, mapping information and Data Lineage information.

Dimension Object A dimension objects is an object against which analysis is done. It represents single column of a table or multiple column of table.

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Detail Object A detail provides descriptive data about a dimension. A detail is always attached to a dimension. It maps to one or more columns or functions in the database that provide detailed information related to a dimension.

You define a detail object by selecting Detail as the qualification for an object, and specifying the dimension attached to the detail. Measure Object Measure object are numeric objects and they are dynamic in nature as they value returned by measures changes based on dimension objects used in the query.

You would generally use aggregate functions while creating measure object.

Bo universe design specification

Following five basic aggregate functions are available to be used while creating measures.Interacted with DBA to design and prepare conceptual schema for Universe and identified specifications for the Universe.

Developed universes and reports. Worked as BO administrator.

Universe Design Best Practices | Michael’s BI Safari

Business Object - Creating a Universe a Step by Step Tutorial - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Universe Design Guide (Multi Source) V2. When you select a universe from the list, Business Objects will copy the universe file from the repository to your local hard drive.

Once the universe file. -> Universe Design (tables names and column names, classes, Naming conventions of objects, joins & relations, conditions to create at universe level) ->Security Design (security levels) Posted by.

Benefits of using Universes

BO Client Installation and configuration This will install the BO Client tools in your machine. Configuration. After the successful installation of the Client tools, n ow you need to make sure server can be called from the client machine Let’s logon to Universe Designer Tool (UDT), to check.

· Check if you want associate LOV with objects and other properties based your universe specification and type of objects · Click on Advanced tab to define advance properties. Select the security access level of objects by default its Public.

How to create Business Objects Universe in universe Designer? MadhesDWBI / July 24, Universe can be created using universe designer and this kind of universe file is saved and from you can also create the universes using IDT (Information Design Tool) and these universe file would be saved

Universe Design with SAP BusinessObjects BI - by SAP PRESS